Buenas Tardes dear reader.  It is now 4:30 pm on Monday and it seems I have been on my feet the entire day except to eat lunch.  As I told you before we did have a later start today.  It was 10:00 am when most of us set out on foot to walk (some of us took a taxi) about 2 kilometers to visit the Center for the Development of Mayan Medicine (CEDEMM) which is overseen by the organization OMIECH, the Organization of Indigenous Doctors of the State of Chiapas.  This center includes a museum, a medicinal plant garden and a pharmacy.  It also includes a small chapel/place of healing where Maya healers can meet with people who come for healing.

The purpose of this center is to revive and honor traditional Mayan medicinal practices, recognizing them as legitimate healing methods and remedies. We learned about traditional indigenous Maya healers: Pulsars, Elders who pray, Midwives, Bone Healers, and Herbalists. We were so fortunate to meet Victorio, a healer who was at the center, and he graciously allowed us to ask a few questions.  He told us how Continue reading


Getting Ready

Buenos Dias, dear readers! It is now less than a week to our departure to Chiapas on Monday and I am sure I am not alone among my traveling companions in feeling in a bit of a scurry to be sure all is ready for the trip.  I had my “travel consult” with my doctor today to get a “just in case” prescription of antibiotics and a typhoid vaccine.  Since that put me right in travel mode I stopped off at the store for a few last minute purchases; plastic self zipping bags, hand sanitizer and sunscreen.

When I got home I did a “practice pack” of my suitcase mainly to see how much my carry-on will weigh since there is a 40 lb. limit. I found out weight will not be an issue, but volume might! I will make the carry-on work, but I am a bit defeated by the limit to 1 quart-sized bag with liquid toiletries! It looks like I may do well to just buy some shampoo in Mexico.

Even with this busy-ness to get ready to leave, my mind and heart is full of so many thoughts and emotions about what I am already learning about the indigenous Mayan people of Chiapas.  That NAFTA has so adversely Continue reading