Welcome to our Chiapas Blog 2012!

Buenos Dias, dear readers!

The UTS 2012 Global Justice Trip to Chiapas, Mexico is departing SOON! We will be taking off on January 16 and returning on January 26. Throughout the trip, Amy Poulson, Déadra Moore, and Pam Kern will be posting entries on this blog to capture some of our experiences and insights along the way. We welcome your comments and greetings throughout the trip — virtual “postcards” from wherever you are to wherever we are!

Our travel experience ranges from around the corner to around Continue reading


A UTS student writes about his travels to Mongolia.

This past July, UTS student Karl Jones and his wife traveled to Mongolia for three weeks as part of his UTS independent study global justice course. Karl traveled amongst the people with a mind to learn about their history and the impact of international banking and corporations on the country today, particularly the impact on the poor. Inspired to share his experiences with friends, family, and other interested readers back home, Karl wrote a journal during his travels and started turning it into a blog this week.

You’re invited to read Karl’s blog and learn about his powerful experience. I’ve added his blog to our blogroll in the sidebar and don’t forget: subscribing to his blog via RSS feed is easy.

Update: Karl has lent us more context on his blog in this post’s comments section.