Welcome to our experiment.

Thank you for reading our new blog for UTS global trips, an experiment in better communication and positive evangelism. We appreciate your readership and encourage your subscription. You can subscribe through our RSS feed (learn about RSS here) or to our email newsletter (see the sidebar). Your comments are always welcome, it is what keeps the conversation going! We will never sell your information or email address to anyone, period.

We’ve created this blog for three reasons:

1. This blog is a record. Those who go on our global trips will be able to reflect on their experiences later in life through the words and photos posted here.
2. This blog is about communication. Trip-goers now have the opportunity to immediately communicate their experiences to loved ones back home (and to receive their comments in return).
3. This blog is evangelism. We hope UTS students will read this blog and be inspired to join us on future trips because they have a better understanding of the potential our global trips have to change their lives.

Thank you for reading,

Chris Smith – Professor, United Theological Seminary
Nathan Melcher – Student, United Theological Seminary