About Our Trips

Each year, United Theological Seminary provides opportunities for students, family, and friends to travel to foreign locations to expand understanding and appreciation for a rich variety of global cultures. Our seven goals are simple:

  • Experience life in God’s creation in one interdependent global community.
  • Experience the struggles in these various contexts for justice, liberation, peace, and fullness of life.
  • Learn to interpret the Bible and our traditions theologically in relation to these struggles.
  • Develop ways of doing ministry and living consistent with the above-mentioned aspirations.
  • Develop the ability to examine critically our own social-cultural contexts and those elsewhere.
  • Open ourselves to transformation.
  • Commit ourselves to reshaping our institutions and programs to express what we have learned.

Past trip locations include Chiapas, El Salvador, and Guatemala. To get more information on how to enroll in our trips, contact Professor Chris Smith.

About the Faculty:

Christine M. Smith serves as Professor of Preaching at United Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Global justice is one of her passions. She writes:

In recent years the commitments that I have always had to cross cultural immersion education have been ignited anew. To build community with students as we travel to other parts of the world, and out of our familiar comfortable lives, is a rare learning experience. To seek to connect with people in Northern New Mexico, Guatemala, and Chiapas, Mexico, across lines of class, ethnicity, and culture, and to let their voices and their struggles for justice change us, is a transformative learning experience that is unlike any other.”

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We’ve created this blog for three reasons:

1. This blog is a record. Those who go on our global trips will be able to reflect on their experiences later in life through the words and photos posted here.
2. This blog is about communication. Trip-goers now have the opportunity to immediately communicate their experiences to loved ones back home (and to receive their comments in return).
3. This blog is evangelism. We hope UTS students will read this blog and be inspired to join us on future trips because they have a better understanding of the potential our global trips have to change their lives.

Thank you for reading,

Chris Smith – Professor, United Theological Seminary

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