About Our Writers

This blog has had many contributing writers since it was created in 2010, and we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you!

Professor Chris Smith, MA, MDiv, PhD

Christine M. Smith has been leading global justice trips (a requirement for a Masters degree at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities) for over a decade.  She is interested in talking with people who are trying to think through some of the most difficult and challenging issues of our day, including global economic justice, the flourishing of the earth and its creatures, immigration issues, and what it means to build solidarity with oppressed people in the two thirds world.

Terri Burnor, MDiv ’15  (South Africa 2013)

Karen Evenson, MDiv ’14  (Guatemala 2011South Africa 2013)

Karen is working toward an M.Div with a Concentration in Pastoral Care and is in the candidacy process with the Minnesota United Methodist Church conference, pursuing ordination as an Elder in the church.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, she taught school from Pre-K/Head Start through 6th grade for several years before taking on opportunities in non-profit administration, children, youth and family ministries, and community relations/fundraising over the last 17 years.  She is married and  lives in the Twin Cities with her husband Scott and her three teenage children.  Her time outside of seminary is spent working as Director of Youth Ministries at FUMC in Stillwater, MN, volunteering on a Meals on Wheels board of directors, participating in a number of outdoor activities, and raising awareness and funds for several organizations close to her heart (MS, homeless shelters, etc).

Pam Kern, MDiv ’14 (Chiapas 2012)

Nathan Melcher, MDiv ’14  (El Salvador 2010)

Nate is a United Methodist ordination candidate with a BA in Film Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing. He was a part-time UTS student (2009-2012) and is an M.Div student at Luther Seminary (2012-present) while working in a United Methodist congregation and UMC camp ministry. On the journey to El Salvador in 2010, Nate experienced his first trip out of the United States and Canada, his first immergent experience in a culture different than his own, and his first political march. The memories of this journey are now fuel for the next steps ahead in his faith journey.

Leslie Mills, MDiv ’14  (Chiapas 2010, Guatemala 2011)

Leslie is a third generation Unitarian Universalist with a background in creative writing and public speaking. Formerly an educator at a prominent children’s science museum, she was called to ministry in 2009. Her global justice trip to Chiapas in 2010 opened her eyes to the complexities of global economics and immigration, and she has since dedicated herself to learning as much as she can about her own privilege and how it can be used to help the voices of the voiceless be heard.

Déadra Moore, MDiv ’13  (Chiapas 2012)

Déadra began at United Theological Seminary in 2008 to receive training in pastoral care toward chaplaincy and will seek ordination through American Baptist Churches USA. She is married with two children, three step children, and a pup. Most of her theological thought occurs while knitting.

Amy Poulson, MDiv ‘__  (Chiapas 2012)