We had nearly three days to spend in reflection and on retreat at Volmoed, near Hermanus, South Africa.  Time was spent with the whole group asking one another to consider questions that had been formed during our time together.  “What do I do with all I’ve experienced?”  “How do I carry my power and privilege?”  “What responsibility do I have…as an individual…as a white person…as a theologian?”  These questions and more were asked and considered…

Time was spent alone and in small groups, walking/hiking, praying, journaling, drawing, sitting quietly in this beautiful place…Volmoed.  Volmoed was created as a place of retreat:  “Bringing wholeness to broken people, a place set aside by God for His ministry and healing.”  We certainly had a time of retreat as we prepared to end our time together, end our time in South Africa, and to come home to our friends, family, work, and “everything else.”  The photos here give a little sense of that transition time…

Nine of us arrived home in Minneapolis on Thursday evening, and others will arrive home sometime today…we’ll look forward to knowing everyone is safe and sound after nearly 24 hours of travel! As for Scott and me, we’re taking a day or two of rest before getting back to church work, a move, a new job for Scott (pray the “right” one comes along quickly), and classes starting again on February 4th!  Others are heading back into more of the same…thoughts and prayers for all will be appreciated as we bring all of our experiences and memories into our lives at home.

We may continue to blog for a few more days as thoughts and memories get processed…thank you so much for your comments and support.



3 thoughts on “Home!!

  1. Thank you for sharing the experiences you’ve had on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. I sense how full your hearts and minds must be after seeing and hearing so much.

  2. I’m glad folks are home, safe and sound. Say more about “volmoed.” How does one pronounce it? What are the origins of this word? Is it a concept in South Africa or of a native language?

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