Yes!!  We really have seen all of these animals and amazing sights here in South Africa, while on safari!!  We have had a wonderful driver for our 4 x 4 vehicle, Tyler, who has been very informative about the animals and has done a fantastic job of helping us to spot them and get as close as we can.  We have yet to find a giraffe, and the hippos have moved on from this area for the time being, but we are AMAZED at all that we have been able to see!  This morning (Sunday), a number of our group have gone out to plant two tree seedlings with the rangers (we are sponsoring them as a group from UTS), as part of efforts to maintain and support the ecosystem here.


4 thoughts on “Safari!!!

  1. Wow! What an amazing experience! I would so love to go on a safari. It certainly looks l like you have had some fabulous adventures. Can’t wait to hear more when you return. Peace be with you.

  2. Hello to All! Your trip reminds me so much of the safari I took with my brother 30+ years ago in Kenya! We stayed in a “hotel” room with mosoquito netting around our beds–it was fabulous!! We continue our prayers for you all and pray for your safe return!! Blessings as you enjoy your remaining time in South Africa The Giffens–Sarah & Wally

  3. How challenging to see beauty all around but yet be in the midst of turmoil among people. It seems to be common among all of humanity. How do we become agents of change and help empower others to to do the same? How do we bring people to common ground? This is part of what is so challenging and thought-provoking about UTS Global Justice Trips! My trip was life-changing and I know that it is for others, too!

    Thank you, Chris Smith, and all who do so much to arrange these trips and make them possible!!

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