A Message From Chris

Hi Folks Who Are Following Our Blog…Thank you!

It has been such a busy time that it has been impossible to find a moment to write although I have been wanting to be in touch with all of you since we left. I am so proud to be a part of this traveling community from United, it has been so wonderful to see the leadership and the witness of our students and our guests all over the Cape Town area. Everywhere we have gone, particularly staying with folks in the township of Guguletu in people’s homes, has been an experience of respect, profound community, and mutual sharing and learning. We were welcomed into people’s homes with a kind of hospitality that was breathtaking and so, so humbling. For me it was a time of learning yet again how many things I “have,” how many comforts I expect and seem to think that I am “entitled” to, and how much privilege I have even as surely as I struggle to manage and restrain my consumptuous lifestyle. How does one begin to articulate what a life changing experience it has been to find myself in the country of South Africa, a country with such a complex history of social, economic, and ethnic disparity, and a country that I have been interested in and concerned about since my college days.  Apartheid may have been legally dismantled, but all of the aspects of horrible, violent racism against Black South Africans remains so shockingly intact. There will be much to share about, talk about, write about, and think about as we begin to make our way home, and long after we have re-entered our comfortable lives in The United States. We look forward to sharing so many stories, pictures, lessons learned, and theological issues raised for us, in the months that follow. Thank you so very much for your prayers, for your postings to us, for your support of us in so many ways, we appreciate all of how you have been caring for us as we have been very far from home. Just know that we have been in the loving care of a great and gracious people, and that we are tired, inspired, challenged, and filled with gratitude for more gifts that I can begin to name. See many of you when I return with our group to Minnesota and to United. Chris Smith – Professor of Preaching at United


2 thoughts on “A Message From Chris

  1. It sounds like the group has been “on the go” from moment one. I have been so fascinated by the places you have been and the people with whom you have met. I am so looking forward to hearing more when you return. Please know that you all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis. Blessings on your journey!

  2. Chris, Thank you for your sharing. For me, just hearing about it even from the great distance in miles between us is so inspiring and breathtaking. There is no doubt in my mind, that it is an incredible challenge to find time and energy to sit down and write a few words about your experiences to us at home. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire group as you immerse yourselves in this amazing experience. Vonda Olson, Duluth, Minnesota

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